a band at its own risk.

risen from the frankfurt underground  +  in the practice room: working hard and having hard doubts, being awake and crashing on the spot  +  on stage: a loose cannon  +  the music: merciless guitars meet hypnotic vocals, or: merciless vocals meet hypnotic guitars, or simply said: hardpop  +  the current formation exists since 2007  +  since 2007 they sweat out their new songs, torture their marshalls, experience the intoxication of the perfect act on stage, they privately publish an ep and know exactly that their day will come  +  at the end of  2010 SEP7EMBER meets their new management, who doesn`t want to sleep until a record deal has been landed  +  june 2011: SEP7EMBER signs an international contract with spv +  september 2011: the new single I Hate NY is released, the brute answer to all I love shirts, a track that manically propulses you forward, the judgment day song for all lalala whitewashing, with a video that anneals itself into your brains +  october 2011: the album Strange Ways Of Going Home goes public  +  impressed by what the 80ies punk left behind, combined with a modern and peculiar sound  +  12 songs, recorded in the ultraton-studios  +  emotional, charged with energy, fat and no compromise  +  the answer to all who have lost faith in noisy, barefaced and rock'n'roll  +  current balance: 1900 torn guitar strings, 250 busted drum sticks, 37 fan testimonials, 2 fired managers, thousands of beers, 0 groupies and only one thought: bands come, bands go, SEP7EMBER is here